For those who couldn’t make Wednesday night’s call (or want a review), here is little of what we discussed.

Attendees (9):

  • Franklin
  • Eric
  • Alex
  • Gene
  • William
  • Jim
  • AKR
  • Charles
  • Luber

Discussion Points:

  • CBTs
    • A Cloud Guru – I’m currently about halfway done with the material. Felt it goes into little more than what is just on the AWS Solutions Arch Associate exam, which maybe a good thing if you work with AWS on a daily basis. Might be too much for someone who is brand new to AWS. The course only has Quizzes you can take which I assume are similar to the exam questions. Course is only 30$ bucks, can’t beat the price.
    • Linux Academy – Finished the course. Great for a newbie, as it only stays on the topics of the exam. It also has Quizes but what I like about it over A Cloud Guru is it has Sandbox Labs, so you can spin them up and follow Thomas Haslett for real hands on. Then again, you should already have a AWS Free Tier account, so you should have the hands on access already. Also, it also has a ton of other courses like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux LPIC-1, LPIC-2, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc. You pay either 20$ a month subscription, or 230$ for a year subscription.
    • CBTNuggets – Jeremy Cioara is back from the CCNA/CCNP days of yore, this time focusing on AWS. Course was OK, but I’d recommended Linux Academy first, then move to CBTNuggets, and leave A Cloud Guru for last.
    • QwikLabs – suggested by Jim, I haven’t tried this but suppose to be free hands on labs.
    • Cloud Academy – haven’t tried this one, but if someone has – please let a comment below for your feedback.
  • Books
    • Sybex – AWS Cert Solutions Arch – Official Study Guide┬áproblem with the book is that the screenshots are already out of date, especially being AWS is constantly being updated and changes. I skimmed through the material, but I think the CBT’s will do a better job than a static book.
  • Read up the AWS Wiki Page for an all around intro.
  • Watch the latest updates on AWS’s official YouTube channel. AWS Summit (local AWS events) and AWS re:Invent sessions are recorded and posted.
  • Sign up for a free 12 month “Free Tier” service, to run Instances, storage, etc. I’d suggest to either put a reminder in your calendar after the years over, or setup a CloudWatch alert to send you an alert if billing goes past a certain amount.
  • Visit a local AWS meetups dubbed “AWS Loft” to meet with other AWS users. The NYC one can be found here.

Follow Up Items

  • Do we need a Slack room?
  • Do we need an inperson meetup? Logicworks, AWS Loft office?
  • We will setup another meetup weekly to make sure we all get Associates cert. (I personally plan to get it by end of Oct 2017)
  • In the future would love to setup quick 5,10 minute AWS demos sharing screens.
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