Arista Warrior
by Gary Donahue


This book gives a great introduction to the Arista product line (as of its printing in 2011) along with why Arista is different from the competition. Talks of merchant/custom silicon are discussed, along with why in a datacenter we need to focus on serialization, delay, oversubscription, etc. Stuff that we all take for granted in a switch, are broken down. I almost felt like its instead of buying a PC off the shelf, a power user BUILDS his/her own PC. In a way, its like that with a switch. Granted we’re not going to buy switch parts at our Best Buy, but it feels like that. Also, the book goes into Arista EOS features like MLAG, ZTP, and VM Tracer. A good quick read (about 450 pages) for anyone looking to learn more about the EOS!