Here’s a list of great books for anyone looking to pickup the Cisco security tracks.

Cisco ASA: All-in-one Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, and VPN Services
by Jazib Frahim, Omar Santos, and Andrew Ossipov
3rd Edition


This book is THE book to read if your going to be managing ASAs. The name, All in One does the book justice. This book touches on the different models of ASAs, licensing, all the way to configuring IPS, NAT, P2P, Clientless SSL Config, using the application inspection commands, failover scenarios, QoS, and even multicast, all with ASDM or CLI config. If the ASA is going to do it, chacnes are its in this book!

Don’t get intimidated by the long 1200 page book, alot of the book is ASDM screenshots and there are some stuff that if you dont use (like the IPS module or QoS), you can skip those chapters. All in all, if you manage ASAs (and in todays shops, who doesnt) this is a great read to use either as reference, a refresher, or to know all the different buttons that the ASA has.