Internet Routing Architectures
2nd Edition
by Sam Halabi and Danny McPerson


A great into to BGP, its configuration and design.

MPLS and VPN Architectures
by Ivan Pepelnjak and Jim Guichard


I’d recommend reading this guy first as I found it to be a nicer intro than MPLS Fundamentals. Read MPLS Fundamentals after this one, as it goes into more detail and uses the new LDP syntax for its examples

Developing IP Multicast Networks Vol I
by Beau Williamson and Jay D. Zorn


(there is no Vol II…maybe the idea was scrapped, who knows) this ones THE reference for learning multicast. Once your done with this one, pickup Routing TCP/IP Vol II for another few chapters on multicast.

MPLS Fundamentals
by Luc De Ghein


I’d read MPLS and VPN Architectures first, then read this one as this book goes into alot more details and uses newer LDP syntax. However, I found the MPLS and VPN Architectures an easier read.

Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide
2nd Edition
by Wendell Odom and Michael J. Cavanaugh


A good intro to QoS (even though the title says its for VoIP). The book starts off slow but picks up in Chapter 2. If you’re going for R&S stuff you can skim the telephony concepts.

Routing TCP/IP Volume 1
2nd Edition
by Jeff Doyle and Jennifer Carroll


I call this book “CCNP Uncensored, raw & uncut”. Everything they didnt tell you in CCNP about IGPs is explained here. Really great review for CCNP plus that push for IE material. The case studies are great and not your regular boring “heres how you configure OSPF”. Although long, I can see why people call it a MUST READ for any CCIE candidate or anyone looking to fine tune their R&S skills. Note this book does not go into BGP, MPLS, QoS, or Multicast. Vol II talks about BGP and Multicast but leaves out QoS and MPLS.

Routing TCP/IP Volume II
by Jeff Doyle and Jennifer Carroll


This books in dire need of an update. Between stuff like EIGRP doesn’t support IPv6 to indepth details on DVMRP and saying stuff like IOS doesn’t support VRRP, it’s a bit dated. Regardless, it’s a good read on the BGP, Multicast, IPv6, and NAT and a small section of System Mgmt. I would recommend Vol I over Vol II but this ones a good read nonetheless.