This’ll be a nice quick How To guide on how to add a new VLAN in a UCS 5108/Nexus env.

Let’s say we want to add VLAN 10 to our UCS 5108 chassis. We probably know how to do this on a traditional R&S, but how about the UCS/Nexus platform?

First let’s go to our UCS Manager. Here we need to decide which Fabric Interconnect (FI) will be used to pass this VLAN traffic. In this case, I’ll do both FIs, so instead of going to LAN > Fabric A > VLANs, I’ll go to LAN > VLANs.

In the window here, click the green + sign on the right and enter the VLAN info.


If you wanted a single FI to pass this traffic, you’d pick A or B, but I left the tick on Global.

Now that its created it gets a bit tricky. Depending how  you created your Service Profile (SP), you’ll need to either apply it directly on the Service Profile template, the vNIC template, or directly on the SP.

Once you got that done, we’ll need to create the default gateway for this VLAN on the Nexus switch (that and so other physical resources off the switch can now access this new VLAN).

On the NXOS switch — lets do….remember to do the same on the other NXOS switch for the HSRP setup ( give them .3 in this case).


interface Vlan10
  description NYCNETWORKERS
  no shutdown
  ip address
  ip ospf passive-interface
    hsrp 10
    priority 120
vlan 10

Any portchannels or interfaces that need to pass this vlan, add this in the trunk and/or interface. Remember don’t forget the “Add” command when typing in the vlan to the trunk to avoid killing the Portchannel. What I do is look at the #sh int trunk and see what exisitng trunks should have this vlan passing traffic, then go into each one and add the vlan in.

Thats it and your done!


William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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