This page is a list of all documents, pptx, .net files, and anything else we use as a group.

asa_orderofopsasa_orderofopsASA Order of Operations Diagram

IKE Phase 1 MM MSGs and Packet Flow Diagram

NYC Networkers New Member Quick Start Guide

ICND1 Slides (1st draft)

ICND2 Slides (1st draft)

How to Study for CCNA Datacenter

EIGRP Review & Concepts for CCNA/CCNP Group

Microsoft SCEP Implementation Whitepaper

Microsoft NDES Does not Submit Certificate Request after the Enterprise CA is restarted in Windows 2008 R2 with hotfix download

CCNA Security Slides

Multicast Slides

Service Policy for GNS3 ASA (just copy and paste this into your GNS3 ASA instance)

Quarterly CCNA January 2015 Lab

Linux for Network Enginner Slide Deck 2/17/15

Cisco ACI Introduction Slide Deck 3/4/15

Quarterly CCNA April 2015 Slides

Intro to Linux for Net Eng 6/23/15

Python Network Cookbook Files

Quarterly CCNA (Intro to Networking) 8/11/2015

CCNA Voice Cheat Sheet

Intro to OpenStack 11/17/2015

Quarterly CCNA (Intro to Networking) 7/20/16