Yet another “Trick” one can do in order to monitor OIDs if your monitoring tool doesnt have one setup for you out of the box.

This OID is

This monitors the status of a switch in the stack for any Cisco stack switch. Below are the different options you can use to monitor. I used Value 4, and made an alert saying if Value 4 is not returned when querying the above OID, send me an alert.


• Waiting – value 1

Waiting for a limited time on other switches in the stack to come online.


• Progressing – Value 2

Master election or mismatch checks in progress.


• Added – Value 3

The switch is added to the stack.


• Ready – Value 4

The switch is operational.


• SdmMismatch – Value 5

The SDM template configured on the master is not supported by the new member.


• VerMismatch – Value 6

The operating system version running on the master is different from the operating system version running on this member.


• FeatureMismatch – Value 7

Some of the features configured on the master are not supported on this member.


• NewMasterInit – Value 8

Waiting for the new master to finish initialization after master switchover (Master Re-Init).


• Provisioned – Value 9

The switch is not an active member of the stack.


• Invalid – Value 10

The switch’s state machine is in an invalid state.


• Removed – Value 11

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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