Just wanted to announce to the group that we will now be holding weekly webinar meetings every Thursday night for the month of January and February 2014 (March, April still pending). These will be prep meetings so they aren’t designed to be hours long, 1 hour tops to get questions in so that we’re ready game day Saturday during our study group. Come here for general questions you may have and any long discussions can be done offline.

The CCNA/CCNP Meetups will be held via Google Hangouts (we’ll do anymeeting if we get more than 10 members joining) and checkout the link below for more details!



William Zambrano

William Zambrano

NYC networkers is run by William Zambrano, a passionate network engineer who has been in the IT industry for eight years who posts up blog articles, YouTube videos, and holds meetup.com events in the NYC area. He lives in Queens, New York and has consulted in various different companies in the NY area. Previously William worked as a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) but now currently works for Arista Networks serving as a Systems Engineer. William can be reached by email at willzambrano@gmail.com

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