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Synology DS Video – Unknown Error

First off — Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone! Funny enough, why am I writing a blog post on the 25th? Having the family over, of course someone wants to watch a movie off my Synology box. After copying it over, I ran into the vague Unknown Error when playing back the file. Now my dilemma, family wants to watch THIS movie, and of course they ask the “IT guy” to fix it.

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Configure MLAG on Arista EOS

With the announcement of the new Arista cert, the ACE-A, or Arista Certified Engineering Associate exam I am finding myself studying for certs all over again! The exam is very new and was just announced this month! Unfortunately there is no real “Arista Press” book on this exam, so to help with that I will start posting a series of Arista category blog posts to help people learn some of the concepts and CLI!

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