A quick tip for those who are working in a UCS Manage env!

By default, UCS Manager’s doesnt enable CDP by default. Technically, there may not be any use in doing this since where the vm sits shouldnt matter if its all configured the same. But of course, like any good engineer, I personally like to know whats happening under the hood instead of seeing a “CDP isnt enabled” from the VMware side!


Plus, depending on the host — if I’m tshooting a connectivity issue I’d like to see at least the vEth thats being used and/or IP address uplink.

Luckily, this is pretty simple to do! Let’s go into our UCS Manager and go to….

LAN tab > Policies > root > Network Control Policies

Here you may or may not have multiple policies configured. In my case, I only have one system default — called default. In here you can see a few options, one being the CDP disabled radio button ticked. Simply click Enable and hit SaveĀ  Changes.


If you have multiple policies, you need to find out which Service Profile is being applied to the host/blade and make sure your ticking it off on the right policy. You can either apply the policy on the Service Profile (SP) by going to Servers > Service Profiles > root > vNICs > choose a vNIC and then select from the drop-down which Network Control Policy to use…


Finally you can push a vNIC template out using LAN > Policies > root > vNIC Templates and select the created policy under Network Control Policy.

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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