Ran into an interesting issue today, and this might help out anyone whose trying to install a cisco license but getting this weird error when applying to a Nexus switch.

NEXUS(config)#install license bootflash:MDSFEAT022015.lic
Installing license failed: SERVER line in license should have “this_host ANY”

A google search brings up…


This is fine, but unfortunately the KB could add a few more tips in here for a better fix.


It needs to look like this EXACTLY in your notepad or else you’ll get this error. And I mean exactly — no white spaces at all, and the formatting I hit space a bunch of times until its right under the “INCREMENT” line. Failing to do this will generate the error message above.

This is a known issue with Cisco’s nexus switches which gives me a WTF moment — how could they of messed up the formatting on a license file?! I spent a good few hours troubleshooting this when at the end of the day it turns out to be a tedious text editing to get the license to work.

Major face palm, Cisco, major face palm.


William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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