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If anyone was at Cisco Live and heard Chamber’s keynote on the “internet of everything”, he gave a talk on how companies in the future will be tech companies first and foremost before their actual business. More and more we’re starting to see (if not already), business heavily relying on their IT infrastructure to get work done and stay competitive. Rewind 20 years ago (1994) and this wasn’t always the case. We also saw some “real life” case studies where this could work.

I just saw a commercial off CNN and the dots connected. Right now, a startup company called Placemeter that is basically doing what Chambers talked about at Live. No surprise Cisco is sponsoring CNN’s “City of Tomorrow” series as I’m sure Cisco is going into cities right NOW deploying SDN/internet of tomorrow/Application Centric Infrastructure/network-as-a-service — whatever you wanna call it, to prove that their initiative works.

So let’s fast-forward 10 years in the future. Most companies probably won’t be using SDN In their infrastructure. I can see only big companies starting with this first (the giant enterprise companies) as well as the ISPs of the world (which to some extent already has some kind of SDN inhouse solution in place already) before it slowly enters the SMBs. We still got companies out there running the original 4500/6500s with no sign in getting a Nexus switch anytime soon. Same story with SDN. Although its in the works, very few companies have it and from my sessions at Cisco Live — they themselves are still in the beta/testing stages of getting a Cisco solution out for SDN but its definitely in the works.

Ultimately at the end of the day, unless it makes sense business/money-wise, a company wont upgrade their infrastructure. This can easily spiral off on a tangent (if your working for a non-tech company, don’t expect to work with all the fancy new stuff), but I’ll keep that for another blog post. So for now, we’re all “safe” in not knowing anything about SDN since it “Still Does Nothing” — har har har!! :D

So what does this mean for all of us studying for CCNA/CCNP? Granted, this is stuff may be completely outside what we do on a daily basis now, but┬ásimilar┬áto what I mentioned to you guys before with Net Neutrality, being a professional in this field we should know the big picture in terms of whats happening in our industry as well as get a head-start to a “CCNA SDN” track if it one ever comes out!

So what is SDN anyway? I’m planning on making a meetup on this in the coming months as its a buzz-word thats been around for the past few years so stay tuned for it in a future meetup!





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