First off — Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone! Funny enough, why am I writing a blog post on the 25th? Having the family over, of course someone wants to watch a movie off my Synology box. After copying it over, I ran into the vague Unknown Error when playing back the file. Now my dilemma, family wants to watch THIS movie, and of course they ask the “IT guy” to fix it.

If anyone has a Synology box and have issues when playing back certain movie files, I have found a fix! For some reason I would randomly get issues playing movies, using Synology’s DSvideo app on my Smart TV. Didn’t matter if it was the TV, I had the same playback issues on my iPad or Android.

After digging around the Google I found no answer. But I recall back from my tshooting days that white spaces plagued many of the Windows and Linux issues. I first removed all spaces in the filename of a movie, but still got Unknown Error when trying to play the videos.

Next, I right clicked the file > Properties > Details tab, and sure enough under the Title field there were spaces in the filename.


I removed the spaces and Saved the file. Sure enough all my Unknown Errors went away and the family was happy they could watch there movie — the “IT guy” saved Christmas!

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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