What cryptic documentation! Maybe its just me, or Cisco sometimes likes to mess with ya with some documentation steps just for the hell of it!

Before I start, let me post up the docs I found and used in this upgrade process.




Let me cut right into it, although the documentation above tries its best to explain to you how to do this, theres a few crucial missing step for the WAAS CM and WAEs.

1. First, before you start upgrading the WAEs, you’ll need to upgrade the CM. Makes sense. Now to do this I grabbed the universal image for the CM, the one I used is called waas-universal-5.4.1a.17-npe-k9.bin

2. Next, setup a FTP server (TFTP won’t do as you’ll see why later)  with credentaisl. I used a simple FIlezille Server

3. Next, log into your WAAS CM and go to Admin > Software Update > Create. We’lre going to create a new FTP location for the WAAS to pull the bin from. From the screenshot below, you can see we’re going to choose ftp (we only get the choice of http or ftp — hence why we can’t use tftp). Type in the path of the file (for me, it was already in the root of the FTP share so I just specified the *.bin) and the credentials.

NOTE: for some reason — even when I ticked off Auto Reload, nothing happened when I uploaded the file. Let me know if someone here has ever got this part working! 



4. Now that the file has been uploaded, lets go to Devices > and select the CM from the list. Then, click Update Software. This is the step that the Cisco Documentation did have (or if it did I didnt see it). It’ll sit there for a few minutes, but you can go to Devices > All Devices and you’ll see the status of the update.



5. Now once its complete we need to manually reboot the CM. CLI into the CM and hit #reload. After about 10-15 minutes (i recommended doing a ping -t to see when its up), you can log back into the GUI and verify if the version is what you want.



1. Now for the WEAs, you’ll need to make sure you download the right version. Since I had WAE devices, I got the waas-sre-installer-5.3.5c.9-k9.zip. Unzip the contents to the root of your FTP share.

2. Once again, heres a step the Cisco documentation botched up.

WAE#copy ftp install folder/waas-accelerator-5.3.5c.9-k9.bin
% Incomplete command.
WAE#copy ftp install waas-accelerator-5.3.5c.9-k9.bin
% Incomplete command.

What gives??? Turns out you need to makes sure you put a space / space between the IP address and the filename. WOW!!!!!!! *facepalm*

WAE#copy ftp install / waas-accelerator-5.3.5c.9-k9.bin
Enter username for remote ftp server: william
Enter password for remote ftp server:
Initiating FTP download…
printing one # per 1MB downloaded
now downloading waas-accelerator-5.3.5c.9-k9.bin
Sending: USER william

The line above worked! Once it finished doing itsthing, type #reload to reload JUST the SRE Module (not the entire router). Once it comes back online, verify the version took doing a #sh ver on the WAE CLI. All done! :)


Use the reload/reset commands in case the WAE stops responding for some reason. Some of the WAEs were down for maybe 10-15 minutes before they finally came up. Reload a soft reboot is a graceful reboot (hence soft), whereas reset is like yanking out the power (hence hard).

#service-module SM x/x reload (soft)

#service-module SM x/x reset (hard)

#service-module SM x/x status

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