Networkers — I ran into configuring one of these routers for a client and I wanted to bring something up in case anyone finds themselves in front of one of these guys.

Now — these models are meant for small businesses, they have only 4 fastethernet ports, and one mgmt ethernet port. It also has an option for a Wireless module as well.

One thing I ran into was putting the public IP directly on a port — but when I did this I got the following message.

% IP addresses may not be configured on L2 links.

Huh? Well how was I suppose to put a static IP on one of the interfaces so I can get out to the internet? Looking a Cisco Quick-Start Guide didn’t really help too much, but I remembered that this is a SMB model, not a enterprise model that I’m used to. Even the routers auto-config wizard that you get when you first startup the router didn’t really help me.

Then I remembered the ASA 5505 models. They are unique than the 5510+s where you need to put the public IP on a SVI, not an interface. So I went again and configured an new SVI called “int vlan2” and put the public under there.  I also put one of the fastethernet ports under “switchport access vlan 2” and connected that port to the provider.

A poof — that was it. I just had to change the NAT statements to reflect the vlan2.  Hope this  helps someone out there working with this model!

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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