Found a really nice TED talk that I think would really help anyone going for any cert, or anything in their careers/lives.

Josh Kaufman hosts a talk on how to learn any skill in 20 hours. Now granted, CCNA or beyond def takes much more than 20 hours but the actual theory works very well. The biggest thing that hit me was “I’ll buy 20 books on programming and I’ll know the program!” NOPE! Nothing beats practice hands on.

Another key here is to block distractions. Cut the cable TV, get rid of that Playstation. Whatever you gotta do to obtain your goal.

At the end the biggest keypoint here is “not being afraid of feeling stupid”. We may avoid coming to meetups for feeling stupid in asking a question or poking your head out. How ELSE will you get good at this? I can personally say I’ve asked PLENTYYYY of dumb questions to know what I know today. Don’t let that hold you back.

“The major barrier to skill acquisition isnt intellectual…its emotional”

Once again — layer 8 skills come in play!

TED also has plenty of other talks so checkout their videos. You can easily spend hours on them!

^another good talk on priorities and the distractions we run into in our lives.

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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