A short but sweet article off Inc.com shows us yet again that your most valuable assset in any field — even life itself, boils down to soft skills. Layer 8 skills (soft skills/political skills). This is something never taught to us in schools, yet funny enough its one of if not THE most essential skill to learn.

In Jessica’s article, according to a new international survey of over 500 professionals, it was PERSONALITY that was the most desired quality that employers look into their employees.

“Personality, not competence, is the determining factor of who’s going to get the most attractive jobs among tomorrow’s recruits,” said Hyper Island CEO Johanna Frelin, summing up the results.

This is something I’ve been preaching for years to anyone getting into IT.  Us IT guys sometimes think too much in our bubble, in our heads. We spend months or even years behind a machine typing away forgetting basic human social skills and appear awkward to some people. Then we walk through the doors to the world and we could be shooting ourselves in the foot by not developing layer 8 skills.

Just like anything else in life, everything in moderation. Excess of any one thing is never a good idea. This includes work, food, TV, sex, whatever you do, too much of it — chances are its not a healthy thing for you to do.

“In other words, the era of the awkward geek or unpleasant creative may be drawing to a close…”

^ Now I dunno how “soon the era will end” but I’ve met PLENTY of engineers who are GREAT at what they do but are horrible with people. Let this be a remind to us all (including myself!) to stand back sometimes from the monitor and remember we’re human!

William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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