In this quick post, I wanted to give the syntax used to copy files to an Arista switch.

Normally we’re used to copying using a FTP or SFTP server off a file share in our corp env. Playing with an Arista switch we have a few other options other than SFTP or FTP.


boot-extensions Copy boot extensions configuration
certificate: Source file path
clean-config Copy from clean, default, configuration
extension: Source file path
file: Source file path
flash: Source file path
ftp: Source file path
http: Source file path
https: Source file path
installed-extensions Copy installed extensions status
running-config Copy from current system configuration
scp: Source file path
sftp: Source file path
startup-config Copy from startup configuration
system: Source file path
terminal: Source file path
tftp: Source file path


HTTP/HTTPS and SCP stands out from this list being other options I haven’t seen before.  However, copying from a SFTP server the ? mark here isnt too helpful.

copy sftp: flash:
% Error copying sftp: to flash: (A username is required to use sftp)

Here’s a quick syntax to do this. Once again, knowing Linux comes in helpful here.

copy sftp://william:password@ flash:

william is my username, password is my password :) and the IP address is my SFTP server.

Depending where your final folder is sitting, you may need to specify some folder(s) until you finally drill down to the actual file.



William Zambrano

William Zambrano

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